Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Siblings, gotta love them

So I have some siblings... And like most people, we have our ups and downs. Now two of them are younger, and we mostly have our downs. Don't get me wrong, love them to death, but we know how to push each others buttons and we are good at it. Now my brother is is two years younger then me, and he can get on my nerves very quickly. I also have a sister who is a little more then ten years younger then me... And no, she wasn't a slip up, my mom really wanted another kid... God knows why.... But this is very difficult for me. Like most teenage girls, I like my privacy. And she doesn't understand boundaries. It's not her fault, she's four, but it would be nice if I had my own space. As for the oldest, my favorite brother, he's awesome. I have nothing really negative to say... He doesn't bother me, he doesn't feel then need to argue or correct. He's just cool. ^_^ How are you and your siblings? I can't be the only one who feels this way...

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