Thursday, January 24, 2013

My super Power

So I'm that kid that sits quietly in the back of the class hiding behind their curtain of hair, who only speaks when spoken to. Now around my frinds I'm nothing like this, but if I don't know you I won't talk to you. No offense, I'm just a shy person and if you started the conversation. Most of the time though, I just disappear. My teacher (who has had me for at leat four months now) who knows everyone but me... She always miss counts when she passes out papers, only for me. I can't blame her though, I'm a pretty forgettable person. But I want to work on this. Another thing is that no matter how empty a hallway is, people walk right into me. Like today, me and my friend were walking down the hallway and this dude walked into me. THERE WAS NOBODY ELSE IN THE HALLWAY! We were literally the only three there and there was PLEANTY of space to go around... Invisible people have feelings too.

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