Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So this kind of goes with my last post about sleep. I loose a lot of sleep over my crazy dreams. Most of the time my dreams involve screaming, chaising, and death. Now I don't understand why. I don't live in a violent household, and I don't watch that many things like this. I somehow get these terrifing nightmares that star me, and most of the time, someone who is close to me. There is always a villon that is casing us, and a carzy butiful setting that it takes place in. These dreams always take a turn for the weird aswell. Maybe it my love of fiction, or my love of Disney, but things will come to life or there will be things from book/ movies that I haven't seen in years... I don't know where all these crazy demented dreams come from, but i know they don't make sleeping any easier.

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