Sunday, February 17, 2013

Some People Just... ERK ME!

People who think theyre all that... NO SIR
So, there are some people, who think that they are all that. I don't like those people. People who are obnoxious and outrageous, who like to show off, I just can't stand it. At the studio I dance at, for example, some girls just need to just get over themselves. One girl was in a "special" park of a dance, and that part got taken out. She got put back into the group, and she flipped out! Complete freak out! There was another girl with her, she didn't care, she did what the teacher thought was best because it's the teachers dance, not hers. That is the kind of attitude I like. Another thing that a girl flipped out over was our hair was suppose to be in a pony tail, but the teacher decided that she wanted them in buns. The girl got really mad, and when we were getting drinks out in the hallway she got up and said "You know what?! Everyone, at competition, put your hair in a pony tail. Cuz YOLO! We souldn't have to put our hair in a bun!" This made me really mad... This isn't her choice, not her dance, or her reputation on the line. It's not her decision. I just don't like people like this.
Another thing, kids on my bus. Not just any kids, but the junior high kids. For some reason, my cheep school has the junior high kids and high school kids on the same bus. These kids are some of the most immature, obnoxious, annoying kids ever. I don't think I was ever as immature and obnoxious as these kids. I'm not perfect, but I just never acted like this. Plus, they think they run the bus. They think they are better then everyone, and they can boss around the people that are older and could nock them on their butts. I don't get this, I just can't wrap my head around this. But tell me about some of the things that people do that irritate you.

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