Sunday, February 17, 2013


Oh... My... Gosh... I can't eat school food, if you can even call it food. Maybe it's just my school, maybe it's not. But seriously, It doesn't look real... Doesnt smell real... Doesn't feel or taste real... It just can't be. I don't know how some people can actually eat it at. We have a little naco bar thing and the cheese separates, or it's greasy, I don't know, but there is this dark orange stuff that comes from the cheese. And the meat is just mush... I don't know... There is so many things wrong that I could talk about with the food, it would talk forever. All I know, it that the place that supply's our school food, supply's food to a prison... But I want to know if your school food is bad, or I'd you like it. XP

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